by centerpiece

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We recorded this in a garage using mostly crappy radioshack mics. That being said, it was a lot of fun.


released June 15, 2013

Rudy Woodworth - Vocals, Guitar, Bass (Track 1)
Avery Mallon - Vocals, Bass (Track 2), Drums (Track 1)
Neal Brinton Guitar, Vocals
Jarrett McManus - Bass (Tracks 3 and 4)
Zach McCann - Drums (Track 2-4

Recorded mixed and mastered in the Mallon family garage by Rudy Woodworth

Cover photo by Becca Linder



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centerpiece Delaware

Four dudes who like trash.

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Track Name: Messages
It's a means of escape, you keep running away
and you never learn from your mistakes
you've pissed off all of Silver Lake.
Don't talk to people that you hate
who judge decisions that you make

You used to call me every night,
compare the shit we've been through
You asked me "am I wrong or right?"
but I'm the worst person to ask that to

You took your mom's car to see me from Milton,
drove past 23, I waited outside, it was freezing.
And did that kiss have any meaning?

When will you call me back? I've left messages
and talked to your mom, she says you've been out.

We're the third act in a story you'll never read
You gave up on the first one because you hate to see
the end of the things you hold close to your heart
so you think it's better to just never start.

There's a mile between us,
despite you and I sitting side by side.
Track Name: Opposites
I still remember the three months before November
Like the nights spent out in that field
Or the handprints on your window

It's our clothes spread across the floor
and you slamming your bedroom door
It's the tone of your voice
when you want the lights to get dimmer

So I open up this book you left
Start writing words inside
instead of drawings that were meant for it
I'm serious when I say that

You left a mark on my life that'll never wash off
Don't wear your heart on your sleeve
It looks tack as f-

You pushed me down into the grass on top of Federal Hill and
Your lips were pressed to mine, a moment that I wish would never end

And now, we're at opposite ends of this table
and we're both so good at telling fables
five months felt like forever, do you ever remember
all the plans we made together, broken up by stormy weather

remember who helped you paint your wall
a mess of colors that sort of resemble fall
I'm sorry for being a knowitall
I'm belligerent and selfish, I never call
Track Name: Promises
I've been talking about moving to Chicago or Boston again
It didn't happen last time, who is to say it won't happen this time?
I've been tracking Kellie down since she disappeared.
I promised Kali that we'd start a band this year.

And if you know me, then you know to see this coming from me.
Promises oh so empty.

I know I've been lying to everyone that I know
I'm afraid I've been lying to myself.
I made my bed, and now I'll lie in it.
(You dug your grave, now die in it)

I've been telling people that I'm things that I'm not.
I'm starting to sound a lot like my dad and I'd rather not.
I don't really smoke weed that regularly
I tried it twice and I didn't feel anything.
I'm scared that once that this all comes out
then no one will trust me, no one will believe me.